Evaluation of Anti-Graffiti Efforts in Downtown Seattle

This academic year the Department of Sociology is continuing a research relationship with the City of Seattle started last year.  This Fall Quarter, students will conduct research for our practicum partners, the City of Seattle and the Metropolitan Improvement District (MID), to study and evaluate the effectiveness of rapid graffiti eradication and enforcement to stem social disorder and crime in Seattle’s downtown area.

There are still spaces remaining for the class!

SOC 403, SLN 22193, 5 Credits
M/W 11:30pm-1:20pm

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Graduate student Sarah Diefendorf's research on masculinity and marriage presented at the August ASA meetings in San Francisco was reviewed and discussed in a number of key media outlets.  Her paper, "After the Wedding Night:  Sexual Abstinence and Maculinities Over the Life Course", appeared in the New York Magazine, the New Republic, among others.  Her abstract, the link to the University of Washington Press Release, and links to other sources are presented below.

Our own Jennifer Carroll from the Sociology Advising Office is not just helping our undergraduates find their way to, and through, the sociology program, but is also lending a hand--in a puppet or two--to help young people in countries across the globe. This past year, Jennifer was nominated for an Outstanding Public Service Award at the University.  Since 2009, Jennifer has used her artistic and performance skills to provide health promotion information and English lessons to students in Bangladesh and Macedonia.  Her dance, song, and puppetry have addressed diverse topics including dental hygiene and the treatment of individuals with disabilities.



Professor Kate Stovel will become Director at the UW Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences.

May 29th marked the third annual Sociology Undergraduate Research Symposium and Alpha Kappa Delta honor society induction dinner.

Professor Robert D. Crutchfield's new book, Get a Job: Labor Markets, Economic Opportunity, and Crime is just out from NYU Press.